About Us

With a heart to potently empower state leadership and policy makers, the National Training Academy (NTA) is an independent institution focused on preparing and equipping trainees to become transformative leaders in various disciplines, while providing them with the skill set to envision positive change and lead the path to a better future for the country.

As a catalyst of innovation and holistic transformation, NTA also plays a vital role in facilitating sustainable stakeholder initiatives to accommodate the latest economic, technological and global environmental changes. Ultimately, it is a reformative driving force, unlocking the potential of promising leaders across the nation, as it imparts comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing Egypt and the entire African continent.

The Story

NTA started with an encounter at one of the youth conferences held for collective brainstorming and open dialogue. A compelling dream was shared by a group of young promising leaders-to-be, aligning with the vision of the President of Egypt.

It was the Presidential Leadership Program (PLP) that brought together various youth from different governorates with different backgrounds to voice their hopes and recommendations. Despite their differences, they shared a single, uncompromising dream; to contribute to the welfare of their country and serve their people. When they shared their passion and willingness to participate in leadership positions in the country, H.E. AbdelFattah ElSisi presented the National Training Academy as a resolution to this vital discourse., setting the mandate for the academy to bridge the gap for such promising leaders-to-be.

After levels of assessment and interviews were conducted to select potential leaders, the Presidential Leadership School (PLS) invited Egyptian and African youth to enroll in the Executive Presidential Leadership Program (EPLP) and the African Presidential Leadership Program (APLP). Following that, the State Leadership School (SLS) launched with a vision to stimulate real transformation in the full body of the Egyptian state and government.

The reach of NTA is growing day by day, as more governmental and state institutions are taking part in NTA’s transformational journey and keep coming back for more change agents to transform. The vision is to steadily but surely keep moving towards achieving new heights in a way that is tangible and truly impactful to our society.

A Thought from the Executive Director

We believe that human capital is the most abundant wealth of countries, that human beings are the most precious possessions of all, and that the renaissance of nations and civilizations can only be built with the efforts and minds of its people.

In light of the economic, technological and global environmental changes and the urgent need of expertise to work and compete internationally, we strive to train and qualify the leaders of the future.

To our youth, dream and hold on to your dreams for they are the hope for a brighter tomorrow. Forget despair and remove it from the dictionary of your lives, for every challenge is a step to success.

Dr Rascha Ragheb
Executive Director of National Training Academy

Our Values

NTA’s Training Philosophy

Training at NTA, at its core, relies on the diligent understanding of the target organizational goals, along with the skill gap and its standpoint in the effort towards service and performance excellence.

NTA’s training programs are designed to be grasped on various levels. Firstly, there is a macro level representing the fundamental pillars, such as state values, leadership, global competencies and public policy dimension. Secondly, there is another level encompassing tailored components that specifically match the needs of the target organization plan and objectives in human capital development.

The Experiential Module is a very important component in NTA’s training programs .This module is very evident in the Executive shadowing/Field Training component that is structured in the training experience of NTA’s flagship; the Presidential Leadership School (PLS), along with other components featuring culture, sports, music, CSR, environmental awareness, are added to cultivate an integrated, multi-disciplinary Character & leadership.

NTA’s Training Methodology

NTA’s philosophy is achieved through a variety of designed experiences under the umbrella of interactive education. Some of these activities include but are not limited to: Lectures - Workshops - Discussion Panels - Conferences - Simulation Models - Experiential Learning - Executive Shadowing and Field Training - Research and Seminars - Cultural Events and Activities - Historical Site-Visits - Competitions and Sports Events

In choosing NTA as a Human Capital Transformation partners, Beneficiaries will be benefiting of a series of advantages:

- Agility in capacity building, program creation and customization

- A remarkable level of expertise evident in a pool of experts

- First of its kind and state-of-the-art facilities

- Accurate assessment of organizational and functional needs in capacity building

- Psychometric Assessments

- Strategic partnerships on a national, regional and International scale

Some of these activities include and not limited to:
  • Executive shadowing
  • Cultural events and activities
  • Historical sites visits
  • Conferences
  • Competitions
  • Sports
  • Discussion panels
  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Simulation models
  • Experiential learning
  • Research and seminars
Why National Training Academy ?
  • Agility in capacity building - program creation and customization
  • A remarkable level of expertise in its pool of experts from.
  • First of its kind in its state-of-the-art infrastructure.
  • Accurate assessment of organizational and functional needs in capacity building,
  • Psychometric Assessments.
  • Strategic partnerships (national, regional, and global).